After many years in the corporate world, Elizabeth Murray started her Tantra artistry by first attending massage school in 2007 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After massage school she spent a summer in India studying Ayurveda, a holistic form of medicine balancing the body, mind and soul. While in India and at massage school she learned about tantra. 
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Fast forward and she is still studying holistic forms of massage and tantra and has become an excellent teacher for those interested in learning. In 2010 Liz sold everything she owned and took off on a path. She wasn’t sure where she was going; she just knew she needed some changes in her life. She traveled for 2-years studying all sorts of subjects relating to tantra, yoga, meditation and healing. She lived in Guatemala, India, Thailand, Bali and Australia. After a year of traveling, she missed her art form and found a way to offer her skills in other countries; a rare opportunity for a vagabond! 

She travels the world sharing her love and knowledge of Tantra and the healing arts. If you ever get the opportunity to meet this lovely woman, DO SO for the entertainment, wonderment and loving experience……… not just the eroticism usually associated with Tantra.

Experience the difference, experience Elizabeth.


Tantra Artist & Love Coach
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