Do you teach Tantra?

As part of the, Tantra-ssage, Liz provides you introductory information about Tantra, from a modern, western perspective as well as ancient eastern philosophies from India and Tibet. 

Do you provide a happy ending with your massages?

There are many ways to practice Tantra, for it is an art form. If you see a hundred different providers, you will get a hundred different ways of delivering this art. Unfortunately, an aspect of modern society is that so many people think about the end result; the destination and not the journey. Both men and women are too goal oriented, instead of just connecting as a couple for pleasure and for the sake of intimacy. This is one reason why so many people rush through the finer, more sensual, aspects of life and are left unsatisfied. In Tantra-ssage there is no “happy ending”. You simply learn to increase awareness of your body’s response system. The whole process of learning to “dance with blissful energy” is happy; from the very start right up until the session is over. You will never want it to end!  

Do you have photos?

For my privacy and security I do not send out additional photos. Although I am still a beautiful and curvy 53 year old woman. Tantra is about YOU going within and not about what I look like. Please understand this is a sensual healing and teaching session to learn about life, yourself and Tantra.

How do I make an appointment with you?

First of all, I suggest reading through the entire site. Send me an introduction email with your name, contact info, city where you are located, age, profession and why you are interested in Tantra. If you are undecided about which session is best for you, I can make suggestions based on your time frame, interest and budget. Please send an email to: 

Where are your sessions held?

Ambiance provides a crucial role in the overall experience of the Tantra-ssage session. 

In Goa, tantra sessions can be held at my location or your deluxe hotel. My location is safe and discreet with only a select and limited number of sessions held each month. I go to great lengths to make sure the environment is candlelit, sexy and very Tantric! For the Fly-Me-to-You Packages a 5-Star Hotel is used in your chosen city. I bring everything needed to make the session enjoyable.

When visiting your hotel room or private home, please insure the space is sacred and special. Clean the space as if you were inviting a goddess to your temple! The space should be uncluttered, tidy, sparkling clean and fresh smelling. Please have 2-clean bath towels and 2-hand towels and an adjacent nightstand cleared of clutter.

How should I prepare for our session?

Please make sure you have read the entire website. I request that you please be freshly showered and have fresh breath. If you have an interest in receiving sacred G-spot work, please contact me privately for more information. It is best not to eat at least 2-hours before the start of the session. The only exception is to eat fruit one hour before. Those who have no expectations and are able to clear their minds and head, and will breath rhythmically and deeply, are able to relax, surrender, and let-go, and can just enjoy being touched and loved unconditionally; tend to have the best first experiences! 

Do you provide sexual services?

It is unfortunate in today's society that sex for money is considered prostitution in most countries throughout the world. Please do not ask about specific services or mention anything sexual in your email or telephone conversations. If you do so, your email will not be returned and/or communication will be terminated immediately.  

Do you accept foreign currency?

My sessions are priced in USD, which is my preferred method of cash payment. Although, I will accept the local currency of my location at the current official rate of exchange. 

What are your qualifications and experience?

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