Testimonials / Reviews
From an English Friend

Part 1


What an experience.

I’m not even going to try and put this in any order so please excuse my “ramblings”.

You truly are an exceptional person and goddess. The time and effort you have put into your learning is exceptional and I feel that I benefited from those years condensed into our short time together. You have taken the essence and condensed it into the important, understandable points.

Yesterday was so different to any life experience i have had, on so many different levels, it was educational, sensational, sensual and relaxing all at once. 

I am so much more aware of my sexuality I can hardly believe it. I am “playing" with my wand of light much more than I ever did in the past and I am having wonderful, but totally unexpected, random erections - I’m the guy in the corner of the restaurant with the silly grin on his face ;)) I hope this continues..

I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to tantra, learning about the Chakras and especially the meditation. I was so relaxed afterwards that going into the “tantric temple” and stripping off just seemed so natural. I wasn’t even embarrassed or nervous about undressing in front of you as I expected I might be.

The massage was fantastic, I was on cloud nine for the vast majority of it (my head cold did impair my breathing, and probably detracted from the whole overall experience however...) and I was specially unaware of my surroundings. That said there were a couple of very lucid moments where you did something incredible with your mouth on my lower back and another when I could feel your yoni on my calf muscle, both extremely sensual moments.

I apologise if I offended you by touching you during the massage, it just seemed like the natural thing to do and you were putting so much effort into that it seemed fair to reciprocate.
(Response from Liz - No worries touching me, it just messes up the purpose and energy of the massage - TO RECEIVE & NOT HAVE TO PERFORM)

The energy you were putting into my enjoyment was exceptionally generous.

I was in such a state of bliss for so long that I can’t honestly say whether at the end I drifted off or was so far into it that I was no longer present.

I experienced a (small) orgasm without ejaculation yesterday, and I now recognise that I have actually experienced this a few times before. I just didn’t realise what it was! My mind keeps going back to the level 8 and as you said “riding a wave”. I would still love to learn to control my ejaculation and have multiple orgasms without ejaculation.
 (HE HAS BOOKED ANOTHER APPT. Every session is unique to you. Everyone learns at different levels and timing. Many friends have multiple orgasms without ejaculation their first visit with me).

Would you be prepared to give me further tuition on this? 

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting again.

PS - I just noticed yesterday that the very sore lower back pain I have had for a few weeks, after I slipped outside the house, has almost gone! Nice by product.


Part 2

Wow! - again!

Thank you very much for my latest Tantric session with you.

My wife has already noticed a difference in my performance, and commented on it, which was nice.

It was great to receive the benefit of your wisdom and experience in Tantra. Learning about the non sexual things to do that actually improve your sex life was very interesting. I’m obviously a big romantic at heart when I learned that I am doing a number of these things correctly already, Ha ha.

You have an incredible knack of putting people at ease and it felt so natural sitting talking about my deepest desires, sex life and thoughts.

I am continuing with my exercises and I can feel improvements in only 10 days. I was able to stop ejaculating just after it started - something I have never done before and am having stronger ejaculations. I am also much more aware of each and every sensation.

The training session on “riding the wave” and staying at an “8” was sensational and it was sooo much better because of our first session a week earlier as I understood the targeted outcome.

The massage itself was very erotic and the way you have taught me to control myself has already added greatly to my wife and my sex life. That was a mind blowing experience and so enjoyable I just couldn’t put it into words. I am trying to teach my wife some of your moves!!

Thank you once again Liz, you have changed the way I perform and look at sex for the better.

Kind regards and best wishes,

ps Guys, if you are reading this and want to learn more about Tantra, have multiple orgasms and decide when to cum - arrange a visit to Liz. She truly is one of a kind and a very caring, thoughtful lady. I wish I had met her years ago.


Part 3

I hope this finds you well.

I’m safely back in Europe, and am continuing with my exercises and they are defiantly working.

Had a very hot session last night and although we didn’t have intercourse my wife was very pleased. This morning she said “that was really good last night, I want you to go back to your Tantra teacher, next year, and get lesson number 3, and maybe even 4” !!!

At least, since I’ll not be back out until January, you'll have some time to think of what else I can learn. ;))

I was disappointed to have to leave Goa on Friday. I think every year, as I learn more of the people and country, I get more and more attached to the place.

Kind regards,


Thanks Liz it was an absolute amazing experience with an amazing sensational ending (although I would have really liked to continue).
I cannot explain in words all the sensations that you woke up and the feelings I had. The feathers, silky strokes, touching your body against mine and on and on. The amazing part actually came when ??? It was an unbelievable experience because I was so sensitive at that stage and the slight pressure of ??? made it even more sensitive. Using ??? At that stage I was still breathing fine but when you ??? I had such a warm magnetic feeling inside of me. Truly an amazing experience. 
For me it was two halves, the first one was the awakening of my senses and that you really did. The second was the actual arousal part which because I was so sensitive it just blew me away. I have had more erections since yesterday than I have had this whole year just thinking about the sensations - amazing.
Hope I was not too direct but .......I have no words to actually describe this experience. 


Liz the session was great, rather it was fabulous!


Dear Liz, I am deeply grateful to you for helping me realize my inner power. May god shower you with love!


Let me first share with you all that I have never written a review before and this is going to be my first and that too, about a memorable and blissful experience with a wonderful tantra-ssage lady, Liz.

I had been in touch with her for 6 years trying to fix an appointment and I finally met her last year for two awesome sessions which were both completely contrasting and pleasurable. She always has something new and exciting for you.

As always, during this session last week, when I met Liz, I immediately received a passionate hug and was welcomed to her room and was made to feel at home. It was like visiting an old school friend after so many years. The music, fragrance and the overall ambience was perfect. We did a lot of pillow talk before she decided to give me a crystal and precious stones therapy, again something very new to me as I expected. Liz is a very sensitive, matured, kind, loving and attractive woman with a complete grip on her expertise. The stones and her sensual touch allowed me to loosen up. We continued deep breathing together while she continued to worship and heal me. The best and my favourite part of our session was the sacred spot massage or the prostate therapy. We never miss this section as it helps me release all my stress and emotions and takes me to a heavenly state.. The end result was a most exceptional release of pure joy after I had held it for more than 20 minutes, something which I had never achieved till date.
This intense feeling lasted much much longer even after we had finished our session. A pure and true feeling of joy and bliss and I was completely rejuvenated with an enhancement of my sexual drive and energy.

I would continue to meet her and would exceedingly recommend her to any man, woman or couple who have any concerns or issues regarding their potential to truly enjoy a beautiful erotic massage session.

Thank you Liz, for a simply sublime experience.


Have you ever had a moment where you were not sure if you were awake or not, not sure if you were really experiencing what was going on or was it a dream? Welcome to Tantra by Liz…….

So let me start by saying that Liz was awesome to throughout the entire process. She took the time to comfort me, get to know me and realize that I was nervous. She really engaged me in some great conversation and some life coaching guidance.

Once the introduction was over I was thrilled by some pillow talk that led into some play full action that really got me excited. Once I was primed she then spent a very long time performing some incredible massage techniques that you will have to experience yourself to truly give it credit. During this massage I felt myself slipping into this dream state where my pleasure seemed unlimited and on the border of unbearable! I was not sure how much more I was going to be able to take. She uses hot stones, oils and many other items to get your senses ready for pleasure. During the massage she engaged in some oral pleasure that was out of this world. If I did not see it myself I would have sworn that she either had several tongues or another person helping her. After my initial orgasm it felt like I had about 4 more in about a 10 minute period or it was just a really long one. Either way it blew my mind.
If you are looking for a one stop shop then Liz is your girl! I left feeling mentally and physically revived.
Thanks Liz!


Wow is all I can say I felt things that I have never felt and it was electric. I feel I can be a better lover for the rest of my life. Thank you Liz for the fun and the coaching session.


Thank you again for a wonderful session and for the fun surprise on the massage table. I felt royally spoiled and loved the kinky touch!

I can only agree with RSQD’s assessment and review on ECCIE!


As you know, I have done a lot of breath, energy, sexual and transformational work in the past, in Switzerland and some in the US. Of all the different practitioners I have met, I found you to be extremely skilled, intuitive, sensual, grounded, kind and fun, competent yet humble. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Yes, I hope we will meet again in the future, when you are back from your trip.

Nora ABQ Escort


Hard to believe it had been over 3 years since we had last been together but it was all that I remembered and then some... Liz, you are a true master of passion. For me it is no good unless both people are "all in" and you were right there with me all the way. No rush no fuss, just pure passion. What a beautiful person in every way! I truly hope I don’t have to wait another three years but I will............... Hope to see you on your tour thru Houston.
Licks to you!  D


Elizabeth is one of a kind. When I first heard about her, I thought she only offered massages, but she offers much more. We had a great time, including kisses, wine and conversation, and I never made it to the massage table. She is terrific at what she does, and is not at all rushed. She also is a really nice person. Highly recommended. 


Wow, a fantasy come true. I meet up with Liz and had her Tantra-ssage w/ a touch of kink. I knew what I hoped it would be like, and it was that and more. She took really good care of me in the most sensual and playful way. I will be back for some more fun and adventure.  


I usually don’t write reviews, but I wanted to share this experience with others. 
I talked to Liz several times about what her talents were, she assured me that 
 Tantra-ssage was her top interest and her expertise, although she could provide much more. My interest in Tantra, was to learn how I could last longer. Liz assured me that with her many years studying and teaching Tantra, she could accomplish that for me.
We started the session with her going through a manual that she had written pertaining to the basics and what was necessary in order to accomplish the goals of Tantra and how to be a better lover.
Liz explained, how you could have many orgasms without ejaculating.
Wow that’s for me! Boy I said, if I could do that I could last longer enjoy it more and not be spent, let’s get on with it.

We had a couple glasses of wine more, schooling and then got after the basics.
I won’t go into the details, of the exercises, that’s for you to enjoy and I mean you will enjoy it. After 2 1/2 hours + of, ecstasy I had experienced 8 to 10 maybe more orgasms some of which were full body orgasms that each lasted for a minute or more. What was amazing to me, was that they were equally if not more enjoyable then when I would ejaculate. That enjoyment lasted for more then 2 1/2 hours. 

 I am over 70 and I can tell you, I didn’t think that was possible.

Call her and set up an appointment, she is a jewel and you’ll never regret it.


I'll admit it, I'm on a mission to find the right sensual / erotic relationship with a provider in my area. I'm easy in that I am open to new things and don't really place labels on particular sexual activities. I've been around the block, and around the world and have experienced multiple versions of Tantra. I was introduced to Tantra about 10 years ago when a woman I met on a dating site described her experience studying the art and everything she described aligned with my sense of the ultimate sensual experience. In Europe I regularly saw a practitioner from Morocco who I believe had it figured out.  

When I met Liz I felt at home immediately. It felt like I was visiting an old friend who was as happy to see me as I was her. She put me at ease and we spoke about lots of things, including what I was looking for. We established boundaries (not many for me) and walked through expectations, so that by the time we began the session I felt comfortable and stayed in the moment.

Our session seemed to stop time. The sensuality and eroticism I experienced felt more like a therapy session than a massage. Normally I would leave exhausted, but with Liz I left rejuvenated and my sexual energy was enhanced. My wife later that evening and early the next morning benefited from my enhanced sensual and sexual state.  

I think back on our session and know that I can hardly wait to experience what Liz has to offer again.

Steve 55, from LA


This past weekend I had a wonderful experience while receiving a tantra-ssage. It was beyond my limited reading on the massage and what my expectations might have been.  

Before I go much further let me first tell you something about me. I have an enlarged prostate which restricts blood flow to my genital area. This usually means that I have a very difficult time getting an erection and usually means premature ejaculation. Basically my enjoyment and my ability to please someone else is limited.

I went to receive the massage realizing of course that it would be sensual to some degree and spiritual. Liz is a very sensitive, caring and attractive woman with expert abilities as a massage therapist. The hot stones and her sensual touch allowed me to relax and really begin to enjoy the massage completely. Don't forget to breathe. I wasn't concerned with the erotic aspects of the massage or end result. As the massage progressed it did get more sensual and it became apparent that I was enjoying her touch (erotic senses intensified) without the use of any prescribed stimulant (Viagra). The end result was a most exceptional release of pure joy. This intense feeling lasted longer than I'd experienced in many many years. I will be back and highly recommend her to any man who doubts his abilities to truly enjoy a beautiful massage.  Thank you Liz!


Liz is a very special lady. Very engaging and thoughtful. She opens your eyes to your senses through breathing and subtle touchs. I often transport myself back to that night and can feel her wrapping her loving arms around me.   


Liz is very genuine and cares about the needs of every client. She awakens a dormant energy within the body to a higher state of feelings that is sacred and healing. Tantrassage is a healing art that taps into an energy field that achieves a higher state of consciousness that one feels is a rejuvenating experience.  Hugs, E 


I saw Liz's ad and was intrigued by the idea of a tantric based massage. Having read some resources on tantra, I had some familiarity with the basic principles and wanted to feel tantra in action. I contacted Liz and scheduled a tantra-ssage. I'm glad I did. The massage was a whole body experience, performed by a kind, intuitive and highly skilled therapist. Without giving anything away, it was in a completely different universe from your standard 'Asian' massage. As the old commercial used say, 'Try it, you'll like it.' I did. 


Dear Liz,
  Thank you for a simply sublime experience yesterday afternoon. I was left in a twilight state of mind while a sensual stream coursed through my body leaving me tingling. For that all too brief interlude all my worldly concerns and dissipations were subsumed replaced by the rapture of your gaze. Our carefree frolicking was just the play to entice and whet my yearning and long suffering spirit. Thank you for indulging my pecuiliarities. I could have gone on forever staring into your beautiful eyes that had a coercive power drawing me into your very soul. When I dim my vision to the apparent world I see your eyes, portals to the unseen world beyond. And, while I anticipate your reaction, I do lament not being able to fully fuse our bodies to complete dissolution into one another…..”in vino veritas”…..maybe for some, but for me, from this date forward, is better described as “in vino is a loss”; a softening, not of the spirit but of implementation.
Never one to lack for a cruel sense of irony, this very morning Mother Nature adorned me with an appendage befitting a prized stallion engorged with pride and pulsating with potential. How I ached to join with you in that moment to further our journey down the path to ecstatic bliss. Alas, I am left to tricks of the imagination to propel my life force and unite our spirit.


I contacted Liz last week through P411. I had seen Liz a few times prior a few years ago before she went traveling again. I sent her an email welcoming her back to NM and to schedule one of her Tantra-ssage sessions. I thought it was time to re-acquaint myself with the tantric arts and re-connect with Liz. Let me say that if you are considering a Tantra-ssage and have the opportunity, then definitely schedule one. The idea of giving up complete control and letting yourself relax is difficult for some. Let Liz guide you while she takes you to another level of capturing, sharing and re-circulating energy. Her gentle massage with warm oil, hot stones is very relaxing while balancing your energy. Her knowledge and passion for the Tantric matches her skill. I am 51 years old. Contrary to that saying, you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. 
I don't know if I was particularly energy blocked or just a lot of tension from the work week that day, but at the peak of the session, I could feel tingling sensations from my ankles to the crown of my forehead. I must have lay there just vibrating for what seemed like an eternity. It didn't end there, Liz took time to balance me out with warm towels and relaxing massage.

Thanks Liz


Liz, is not only a fun, sensual and a beautiful woman, she is an incredible Tantric giver. My experience was sensual, magical and earth shattering enjoyment. Liz, touched me in a loving way. I am leaving blissful and completely relaxed. Liz's studio is comfortable, clean and serene. Thank you Liz. I will see you regularly to maintain this euphoria. Zorba


I just wanted to write and thank you for such an amazing evening. I'm still in my own state of bliss and your eyes and smile are etched into my memory along with a bunch of other sensations. Hopefully I’ll see you again before you head out for parts unknown again. Claude 60 – Laguna Beach


Trust me I'm going to make sure to make time to see you again real soon. The times I've been with you have been amazing. J


Dear Liz, I just wanted to thank you for one of the best experiences of my life! Yours – Dale, ABQ 50


The times we have had together over a couple years’ time was the best I have ever had. The massages and the intimate moments we had together was awesome. Tom


I was scheduled to travel to Santa Fe and Albuquerque for a week, and I decided to plan an extra evening of relaxation for myself. A basic web search quickly led me to Elizabeth Murray's website and blog.

I was fascinated by the extent of her travel and her wide range of interests. Some of the Tantra discussion seemed a little more "New Age" than my usual inclination, but the idea of a slow sensual evening with an interesting lady intrigued me. Boy am I glad it did.

Contact by email was very easy, and Liz was extremely prompt in responding to all my messages. We met initially at my hotel. We talked and flirted and planned the rest of the evening. At Liz's suggestion, we picked up some dinner and then adjourned to her studio.

I am reluctant to to give a graphic description of the rest of the evening, primarily because it would not begin to do justice to Liz's skills and her extraordinary capacity for giving and receiving unbridled and sensual pleasure. Suffice it to say that I came away from the experience with a newfound respect for the capacity of one human to make another feel profound sensual pleasure, sloooow, sexy, dreamy, earthmoving pleasure.

Liz is not a young, hardbody. If that is what you are looking for, you should definitely look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for a genuinely amazing sensual experience, Liz is a great choice.

Liz is not a clockwatcher. By the time our date ended, it seemed like a calendar was a more relevant time management device than a clock. Even when I finally did call retreat, Liz seemed just as reluctant as I was to have the date end.

I cannot say enough good things about Liz, about her personality, her quick smile, her delightful wit, her fun loving nature, and . . . wow her ability to turn a grown man to a very happy puddle of jelly.

I cannot wait to see her again.



Warm, inviting and comforting. Makes you want to melt into her knowing and expert hands. After over 6 years of time, we were able to reconnect. It was a "reconnection" that started off with getting caught up on travels and experiences and ended up in cuddling and comfort. Of course, the trip..yes the trip was the experience...all over an hour and a half together that ended far too quickly. 6 years is too long....I look forward to the next encounter and trust our paths will cross again in the not to distant future.

Signed: Another damn engineer


As this was my first venture into the world of Tantra-Massage and healing energy work, I was full of trepidation as to what to expect, as well as what was expected of me......

Well, Ms Murray certainly made my experience eeeeasy! She was immediately very accepting and warm towards me.

She was kind, and helped so much in making me feel comfortable and cared for. I am so grateful for her tenderness, her loving touch, and her ability to connect with me in very intimate and liberating ways!

Thank you Liz!

Submitted by Richard, Santa Fe


I have to say I was a surprised by what an amazing visit I had with Elizabeth. She is truly a wonderful, compassionate and giving person. She is unquestionably devoted to her work, having spent years abroad honing her technique, and a true student of her craft. 

Not your typical provider, if you're looking for a quick in-and-out with some spunky little spinner you'll need to look elsewhere. Don't let Liz's unassuming, she might even say 'plain' appearance, detract from the fact that she is extremely sensual, engaging, and totally knows her way around a man's body.  

Her specialty is her Tantra-sage, a self-crafted tantric massage designed to bring you and keep you at a peak state of arousal for the length of the session. She had me rock hard with a mere suggestion and kept me there for most of ninety minutes. And not to give away the details of the ending gentlemen, I will simply state that... it was, as I've never had it, and how it always should be. After my first visit with Liz it was clear that she knew more about my body, my own pleasure centers, than I'm aware of myself. 

What's more, we had some engaging, quality conversation which could have gone on the entire evening. Liz is a class act, and not to exaggerate, a gift to mankind. 

Submitted by Richard, 41 Albuquerque


If you are in search of a right guru, mentor, coach whatever you call it, then you should go to Liz. She has magical touch and healing power. She took me to a different world and it was so ecstatic and soothing. She can precisely work on the energy points and help one to overcome the problem. Moreover she is very open and good listener. Never miss an opportunity to meet this wonderful goddess.

Submitted by Raj


I cannot tell you how much I have to thank Liz Murray for. It was she who opened me up to all that left hand tantra has to offer, she who introduced me to tantric massage and set me on a path of self-discovery that I had not anticipated. 
Although a student of tantric yoga for several years I had not considered the path of sexual tantra until I met Liz. Something about her was disarming, made me feel comfortable in her presence, and so it was natural for me to go to her for my first ever lingam massage. I admit I was kinda nervous, not knowing what to expect, but Liz soon made me feel at ease. And how was it? Amazing, wonderful, blissful, brilliant, unbelievable... I mean, there are no adjectives to describe how delicious it was. The most beautiful thing about it was that I felt loved. I really did. Liz radiates out love, affection and care. She was truly present, truly there for me. I was cherished, pampered and made to feel safe and secure, even to the point of being able to express myself in ways that I normally couldn't during love-making.
Since then, I have had six or seven further lingam massages with Liz, and each one gets better and better. I have had some powerful releases and shifts of energy and have felt the incredible power of kundalini rising. As a result I feel more open, more connected with my emotions, more connected with my sexuality and more connected with my spirituality.
I look forward to when Liz and I are next in the same country (we both travel a lot), so that I can receive from her again. She is, quite literally, an angel of love. I highly recommend that you go to her. You will be amazed. You will be loved. 

Submitted by Dee S.


Liz..what a personality ! 

The first thing that you would notice will be her million watts smile ! I had few e-mail exchanges with her and few text messages. But, when i met her for the first time, i never felt like i was meeting a stranger ! May that smile did the trick...or her great welcoming attitude!

The next thing is her house ! God !! what a place ! i wanted to buy that house, if possible. And yes, along with those antic furniture ! I have stayed in different parts of Goa, but none like this ! Truly classic !! And this lady has kept it decorated in the best possible way !

After we reached her place, she ensured that I am comfortable, then started with basics of Tantra, which is a must, if you are serious about your happiness. Then we moved to bed dam! Then her expert hands was moving all around me. I have tried a lot massages session, but this one is totally different. This was beyond pleasure ! Sometimes, i felt like, she got more than two hands...i don't know how this lady does that...but that was mind blowing ! We had the session going on for hrs...after 2 hrs or so, we took a break...a nice chit chat and beer ...then back to session. She is not an Angel....she is the God itself ! 

Later she gifted me the best orgasm I ever had...

Later we had a lunch, looking at the sea and she was kind enough to accompany me for a short trip around the area, which I enjoyed a lot !! It was like a long lost friend taking you thru his/her place. I could never forget our short trip ! It was so lovely !

If you are looking for one of the best experience in life, Liz is the answer.

Tantra Artist & Love Coach