Sensual Offerings

Liz travels throughout India, by private engagement or you can chose to visit her in Goa. Special incentives are offered for her returning friends.

Private engagement means she exclusively visits you. All travel related expenses are paid by you and an additional fee is required.

Intro to Tantra & Tantra-ssage

This particular session has made Liz internationally famous. An authentic Tantra massage, delivered with love by a highly experienced teacher of the Sensual Arts. Your massage experience is enhanced as Liz shares a verbal introduction to Tantra, a video to reaffirm what you have just learned, a relaxing yet powerful meditation, and a loving Tantra ritual before the massage begins.

During the introduction portion, Liz shares tantra practices helping you to learn ejaculatory mastery. Now you can make a conscious decision on how long you want to make love. Whether it be for a 2-minute quickie or a 2-hour or longer marathon. It will be your choice, not your lingam's.

She’ll share ways to become multi-orgasmic and to experience full body bliss while learning to be a more heartfelt, present and longer lasting lover.

During the massage she guides you through breath awareness and sensate focus exercises to move sexual energy throughout the body. 

Liz’s tantra-ssage uses sexual energy to achieve higher state of consciousness. Specific touches awaken a dormant energy field within the 7-chakras of the body. When activated, this energy field unites you into an ecstatic blissful state allowing trapped physical and mental pain to escape from the body. The movement of Tantric life force energy reactivates the flow of healing from within on a much deeper and even cellular level. You whole body is ignited with tingling sensations and vibrations as this powerful energy is awakened.

Liz has been trained in Buddhist, Taoist, Neo Tantra and numerous professional massage modalities. So you’ll also get a powerful healing massage out of this once in a lifetime experience. The session itself may incorporate modalities such as; Reiki, Pranic and Intuitive Healing, Chakra Balancing, Gemstone & Crystal Healing, and classic Swedish massage.  

 The Intro to Tantra is equally sensual, fun, educational and trans-formative. You’ll learn about yourself and your sexuality while becoming the master of your own life force energy.

2-Hours $300 (Intro to Tantra, Meditation, Ritual and The Tantra-ssage)

Please note - This is a receiving session only. Enjoy the tantra experience and energy without any need to perform.


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